Bowerbird #20: Stain Mimic Admire Perish

Everyone knows that you can’t trust a drunken person to know how drunk they are. Death metal gives the real part of humanity; most music talks about love, beaches, cars, but this talks about real things, brutality, poverty, the soul. Perhaps you are beginning to see my point. Continuity is everywhere, even in situations of discontinuity. The symbolism is not too subtle. This is what is known as the cosmic coincidence. But it’s no longer possible to look at life as a succession of stages in which each is a step up from the last. It’s really about decreasing the distance between people. There are abysses to be soldered. What better way to do this than by studying introspective reports by humans themselves? The result is “excessive beauty.” It doesn’t exist in one state, but is always making corrupt copies of itself. Roughly speaking, it breathes metal and rock.

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