Wanted: Oral Hygienist for Gift Horse Dentist

Everyone knew someone who had wandered aimlessly and ended up a jackass.

–Jennifer Michael Hecht, Doubt: A History

Oh, there they are, the sirens. I heard all the yelling, I can still hear it faintly. A couple hours ago there were two gunshots and then a dog barked. There’s no way to know, here in my apartment, whether the events were at all related. I still hear yelling, mostly young female voices. They could be having fun, the sirens have been muted if they’re still around. That was about two minutes ago. On a slightly different note, for the past few days I’ve been reading about Doubt yet listening to the music of metaphysical French Satanists. Don’t quiz me, I don’t understand metaphysics. I was never good enough at maths to get far in normal physics, but I at least understand the concepts. Except anything quantum, which we’re not supposed to understand, unless you’re a quack, in which case you can relate it to spiritual matters. And that brings us back to metaphysics, doesn’t it. Well, the yelling has ceased. Maybe somebody got stabbed. I’d rather not be stabbed, but I guess it’s not necessarily something I get to choose when it comes down to it. I get stabbed or I don’t get stabbed. Hopefully somebody yells.

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