Bowerbird #21: Allergy Meds Tijuana Moods

It’s said that there are no bad ideas in brainstorming. News flash: natural selection does not produce traits that are “inherently desirable.” Slowly, by a geological process of erosion, the colonisers became one with the colonised. The lure of conformity is hard to resist. The human mind often confuses familiarity with understanding. This is brand new territory, we have no theories to guide us. Every passing month complicates the previous picture. If this assumption is flawed we will need an alternative. It’s like trying to explain the behaviour of football players without acknowledging the existence of a game of football. To recoin a cliché: you don’t need drugs to enjoy the book, but it helps. There’s a planet out there playing a game of ‘doorbell ditch’ with astronomers. Bear in mind that there’s no such thing as a failed experiment—only data. We should always ask for reasons before we place trust. Hey, you gotta serve the song. The laugh is too expensive.

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