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Trading Post °1: Axe to Vox

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This is the first installment of The Trading Post, what hopefully becomes an ongoing series in which I trade albums with fellow writer friends and then we proceed to dance about the architecture with which we’re presented. This project stems from the many discussions through which it became undeniably clear that my musical tastes are vastly different than most of my literary friends; I thought it would be fun and enlightening for us to both share what we love with while hearing new music we might not otherwise encounter. Though there will likely be a decent amount of hating on stuff (from myself at least), that’s not the point at all. Rather, much like my encounter Lynne Tillman’s novel American Genius: A Comedy, I appreciate wrestling with work with which I don’t have an immediate affinity and then trying to understand why I might hate it so much while also recognizing important qualities such a work may possess. Having said all that, these aren’t going to be deep analyses, either, merely thoughtful reactions or something along those lines. I guess we’ll see what happens and that’s part of the fun!

For this first installment, Seth Graves decided on a simple trade based on vocals and guitar. He gave me albums by Why?, Danielson and Destroyer. In return I made him listen to albums by Gorguts, Krallice and Vektor. We’ll start with Seth’s responses because I flipped an imaginary coin and won the toss. Follow us after the jump!

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Your Taste In Music Is Terrible

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Over at the ol’ HTMLGiant, dude posted a list of albums he downloaded and wrote one-line (mostly) responses. It was posted last night about the time I was enjoying the first of two Tullamore Dews on the rocks. Is one supposed to enjoy that beverage in such a manner? I don’t know about “supposed to”, but it sure was tasty. Right now I should be doing something productive, but it’s unclear what that could possibly be (laundry? finding a good job?). I’m catching up on my blog reading, operating on 3 hours of whisky-infused sex sleep and thought I’d take a nap. Instead, I’m thinking about dude’s silly post about music and how limited his range appears. It’s a lot of names I recognize and could not care less about because most of it’s for wussy pansies. Can I say “pansies” without offending anyone? No? Oh well.

Assertive, forceful, insistent, vigorous, energetic, dynamic, bold, enterprising: all listed synonyms for “aggressive” in this little thesaurus on my floor. “This music is so aggressive.” “It’s so loud and angry-sounding.” “You can’t dance to this, the rhythms are all weird.” Hey, I like other stuff, too, but I was weaned on distorted guitars. A rock band is a technologically-advanced chamber group (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.) and I love Bartók‘s string quartets. Continue reading