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Bowerbird #5: Tad Loaded Yellow Shark

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There can be no free use of time until we possess the modern tools for the construction of everyday life. The exploration of public space has often been overlooked as too obvious. This might be because many of the themes presented here are so basic and seemingly obvious that they don’t seem like anything to write home about upon first listen. After all, how bad could it be, even being blind, to walk slowly down an empty corridor? There is, of course, no contradiction whatsoever. Rather, the various portions of the spectrum blend into one another and waves in between radio waves and microwaves interact with matter in a manner in between radio waves and microwaves. This was all the scientific evidence we needed. We all like to imagine that it’s based on a set of logical facts, but it’s often a much more circuitous route. How do you determine whether an animal is thinking through its actions, or simply learning through association a series of behaviors and combining them?

Six Random Songs: Installment 1

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Wherein I put iTunes on random and write while the song plays. Also I don’t edit anything afterwards. Others have done it first and better. I don’t much care.

Frank Zappa – “Dancin’ Fool”

This is a great one to start off with. I have an old college friend whose taste in pretty much everything is “questionable” at best. He loves dancing in particular, but has no discernable rhythm when he moves. I find that’s true of most people who claim to enjoy dancing in public settings. A little over a month ago I was dumped by a professional dancer. I was always amazed at her performances that often some of her cohorts had questionable rhythm as well. She was basically the metronome of the group

STATS – “Sadcap”

Math chunkles with a lot of groove here. I’m under the weather. This past weekend I was out in the woods drinking a steady flow of beer, staying up until dawn and breathing an unholy amount of grill/campfire smoke. That will catch up to you, especially when it rains almost the entire time. What the hell is the origin of “under the weather”? It’s drizzling right now in Brooklyn. STATS is from Brooklyn and are good friends of mine. My own band has been “borrowing” their bassist, as many are wont to do. They don’t sound at all like being in the woods, though they could sound like what future generations who’ve never experienced non-human nature will imagine “the woods” to sound like. That was a convoluted sentence to put down. There are cycles here and phrases almost repeat but they do so with little addenda or tweaks. That’s pretty “natural” in a way. As an undergrad I took a course called “Feminist Political Ecology” and ever since it’s been hard to use the term “nature” without needing to qualify it a thousand different ways

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