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Or A Reasonably Close Approximation Thereof

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Haha, eight isn’t a very high number.

The alcohol content of this Double Bastard Ale I’m currently drinking is 10.5%.

I’m gonna go outside now.


Meditations on “Math”, Pt.III: The “Indie” Underbelly

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Finally, things are returning to semi-normalcy and I can get back to some too-long neglected items around here. It’s finally sorta nice out today in Brooklyn (meaning=not raining), I’ve had my iced coffee and a little time was spent job searching. Now to the important stuff: math rock.

Since I started this series off with mostly heavier bands, I’m going to head down a “lighter” path today. That doesn’t mean the following outfits are soft on the ears, rather they are predominantly the type of bands people like to describe as “angular”, “jagged” or anything that insinuates rough edges or—perhaps oxymoronically—a regulated discontinuity. But they are “lighter” in that there is a greater variety of sonic tonality, ranging from gentle instrumental passages to ecstatic screaming frenzy. The rhythm sections in particular tend towards the propulsive, composing their own riffs instead of merely providing a steady backdrop for guitars and vocals. This, perhaps, is the major differentiation between those below and a “purer” form of pop-influenced rock music. Continue reading