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Or A Reasonably Close Approximation Thereof

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Haha, eight isn’t a very high number.

The alcohol content of this Double Bastard Ale I’m currently drinking is 10.5%.

I’m gonna go outside now.


Superlative List-ens of 2011

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People love to complain about year-end lists as if they’re some kind of lamentable cultural phenomenon that should be abolished. I can understand some measure of complaint, but we all have personally-limited cultural radars and I always get turned on to records or books or whatevers through these lists that bypassed my own. It’s also a good way for me to go back through everything I’ve encountered during the year, re-engage with it and assess how the material has held up.

At first I wasn’t going to actually rank a “top ten” but it ended up nearly ordering itself (the top seven at least). A solid list of honorable mentions also developed and while I considered doing a list of stinkers and disappointments, I decided that was a bit catty and unnecessary. If something is missing from this list it’s either because I didn’t like it or I simply haven’t had a chance to hear and process it (for example: Rwake, Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage). And as a companion piece to this, I’m also compiling a list of older records that I heard for the first time in 2011. Continue reading

Bowerbird #17: Eastern Tremblor Choir Dead

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We rarely read more than the first few lines, if at all. We have room to continue down an unproductive route, try something implausible, or otherwise fuck it up. And now what we’re being left with is the harder part; the regions where it’s harder for us to see and harder to pick out the signal from the background. Perhaps there’s some leftover stress in the crust. The technical term for this, of course, is getting stoned. To solve this problem America gave the workers television, sewer systems, electricity and the ability to get loans and credit cards to pretend they were wealthier than they are. Both chimpanzee behavior and australopithecine anatomy inform the model. And if you are a man who is, while reading this, rolling your eyes or feeling a surge of combative adrenaline, I rest my case. Since we’re describing reality, things have to fit together! It is not a question of finding new moldings and frames for windows and doors, of replacing columns, pilasters and corbels with caryatids, flies and frogs. This seemingly conflicts with our intuitive idea that we exist at a moment, and move through time. Saying poetry doesn’t sell only says poetry doesn’t sell.