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Listen, I’m Doing A Bunch of Things This Month

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November’s a big month for me as I have three events (plus the usual Mental Marginalia) coming up with some good people and I’d love to see you out at some or all of them…

First up:
Tuesday, 11/13, 7:30pm
@ Bear
12-14 31st Avenue, Long Island City
An admixture of poetry and fiction paired with liquors and foodstuffs. A salon in which poor taste will mingle with the delectable; ears and mouths stuffed and stumbling.

The Readers:
Beth Amodeo
Alex Crowley
Keara Driscoll
Robert Tumas

There will be $5 Dirty Martinis, bar snacks on a menu specially designed by Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky, and a happy hour following the evening’s proceedings.

Saturday, 11/17, 7pm (?)
@ Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham Street (at Porter Ave.) Brooklyn (Morgan L)

Join curators Eric Nelson and Mike Lala at Brooklyn Fire Proof for Fireside Follies’ second event this season, featuring:

Dorothea Lasky (Thunderbird)
Macgregor Card (Duties of an English Foreign Secretary)
Courtney Maum (Big Things in Small Places)
Alex Crowley
Olivia Kate Cerrone

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Tuesday, 11/27, 8pm
@ The West Brooklyn
379 Union Ave., Brooklyn (L/G to Lorimer & Metropolitan)

Mark Gurarie & I host, these cats read:
Tom Oristaglio
Fred McKindra
Alex Norelli
+1 tba

and last, but not least:
Thursday, 11/29, 8pm
@ Legion Bar
790 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn (Graham L)

We’ve got a new bassist & we haven’t played since February. Per usual, come listen b/c who knows when we’ll play next!
We’re sharing this bill with some fantastic bands. Come out and enjoy the fantastic-ness.

Here’s the order of bands:
9:00, Big Plastic Finger,
9:45, Warmth,
10:30, Beasty,
11:15, Old Monk,

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

No Snappy Headline: I’m Reading October 18th

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Five bucks at the door gets you wine, beer, snacks and the company of charismatic creators. The Old Stone House In Park Slope is here. And here’s the line-up:

Alex Crowley is a co-curator of Brooklyn’s MENTAL MARGINALIA Reading Series. He received the first annual Paul Violi Poetry Prize from The New School and his work has appeared in or is forthcoming from DIAGRAM, Handsome, SHAMPOO, Short Fast & Deadly, and the Argos Books anthology Why I Am Not A Painter. He supports Newcastle United FC, follow him on twitter @a_p_crowley
Debbie Deane is a native Brooklynite who performs her soulful songs with Jim Whitney on bass and John Mettam on drums. Debbie’s latest CD, “Grove House,” is a musical smorgasbord of jazz, folk and funk, released on musician Ravi Coltane’s RKM label. Jazz Review praised her lush vocals and seductive hooks, and said “her languid, yet crisp and emotive delivery has soul to burn.” Learn more at
Margaret Young has two collections of poetry: Willow from the Willow (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2002) and Almond Town (Bright Hill Press, 2011).  She lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Michele Madigan Somerville is the author of Black Irish (2009, Plain View Press) and WISEGAL (2001, Ten Pell Books). Her verse has appeared in numerous journals including Downtown Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Review, Puerto del Sol, 6ix, Pagan Place, Mudfish, Eureka Street, Quarto, The Nervous Breakdown and Hanging Loose. A second edition of her book-length poem, WISEGAL and a Catholic Under Protest a collection of essays are forthcoming from Spuyten Duyvil Books in 2013. A native New Yorker, Somerville lives in Park Slope Brooklyn. She works as a tutor.
Pat Smith was born in La Rochelle, France, and raised in Middletown, Ohio. He received his MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. His play Driving Around the House (1985) has been produced around the U.S. and is published by New Rivers Press. Recent poems have been published in Psychic Meatloaf, Haggard and Halloo, Apeiron, The Bakery and Eclectica. He curates poetry events for the Brooklyn Reading Works at Park Slope’s Old Stone House. His poetry blog is Not in the News Today and you can follow him on Twitter @thatpatsmith.
Frankly, I don’t know anything about the rest of the lineup, but I’ll probably be good, so there’s that.

Jurgen Klinsmann Press Conference

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Since I’ll be reading at Happy Ending Lounge this Wednesday (7/11), I thought I’d repost this bit I did for Mark back in August.

Jurgen Klinsmann Press Conference

on that issue of style and what he just outlined everybody is important what they wanted to represent at the international level I have two questions are you looking at your staff before mexico obviously we’re busy and looking forward to the picture where they’re at with their club it’s not going to be easy we’ll get it off the ground that being said building a staff I would like to approach it I won’t confirm I want to see what’s out there I need to talk to people and get their perspective who can I invite so I won’t come in and say this is my staff you need to calm down right away we have that opportunity to see what’s coming through I kind of know already I will take my time hopefully by wednesday covering this country is a challenge there are pros & cons obviously to high intense environments you’re in a daily grind instead of once in a while I think it’s important to understand how you grow up and your priorities why is the program not really that important why are the kids going to school okay those are the reasons it’s a completely different setup and you have time to understand those different mechanisms for their future time other circumstances come in there whatever happens out of his comfort zone the fascinating topics for the next months and years you have the case where back and forth every weekend we will build a network and quietly it doesn’t have to be in the media they admire what has happened here the past twenty years would you like to see a uniformed style of play and is that a sticking point it’s actually a fascinating point it should reflect the mixing of cultures to find a path you won’t have a copy overall it should be a broader understanding and this will be one of the main topics going forward they will expand they will get bigger and bigger and it’s important you have your say in it they all wait for information they are knowledgeable they ask the same they are now speaking german they are available in back is it possible let’s do it in ten minutes we’ll get you what you need over here on your left how would you explain the mentality of this country studying your country mainly you don’t like to react to what other people do wades in seas and decide on its own what is next this guides me to impose but it is a starting point you want to dictate the pace so all those components you have to build it into a curriculum barcelona wasn’t born in the last couple of years I’m really curious to hear all the different opinions in the driver’s seat when we move overseas at the right age we will not ask for a prediction what do you anticipate to be the biggest hurdle expectations always built on being in a final here they are different how they grew going through the group stage where anything is possible you want to get better but you can’t promise anything I think there are a lot of different challenges ahead of us a foundation how much time they should spend with the ball but this is really important from the beginning what is really missing compared to the amount of time kids play the game just banging around the neighborhood this will show later on with his instinct a lot of work is ahead of us major steps forward it’s a very very hectic style slowly we have to get on the technical level with the ball there are environmental issues it’s come a long way we have a long way to go still

“Why I Laugh?” Poetry Readings & Audience Feedback

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As both a co-host of a poetry reading series and someone who has lately attended a fair amount of readings, I’ve begun to notice certain reading trends. The most notable one, and one that more seasoned readers and reading-goers probably recognized long ago, is the inherent connectivity bias an audience develops with more humorous readers. At our Mental Marginalia reading last night, of our five readers, the work of three tended away from overt humor, often eschewing it entirely. The other two poets utilized it extensively, which isn’t to say they used it as a crutch, but it was a heavier element in a broad emotional mix. These latter two received the most immediate and obvious audience reaction (though all five readers received very positive reactions at the end of their “sets”).

This makes sense. People laugh at funny things, so there’s always a straightforward way to know what worked. When that element isn’t present, it’s much more difficult for an audience to outwardly demonstrate their affinity for a particular poem. People tend not to applaud after each poem – unless it’s totally mind-blowing – which I’ve always found a little bit too polite, but I think it also stems from the fact that if people did do that, it would be very obvious when something failed, whether intentionally funny or not.

Failure is a good thing, though. Continue reading

Oops, I Spilled My Guts!

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Four years now I’ve been harboring a secret, a deep and unyielding sense of shame about something I cannot change. A few people very close to me know this secret, but when most people ask me about it I hem and haw and answer sideways. The real problem is that there actually is nothing wrong with what I’m going to reveal, nothing one should find embarrassing. Continue reading

Bowerbird #29: Twenty Hertz Thousand Hurts

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20 Hz from Semiconductor on Vimeo.


Sometimes it is difficult to ask a question when the reward of silence has just commenced. La douleur exquise gets at the emotional heartache, specifically, of being the one whose love is unreciprocated. We can take a punch. We might have a sensation of a unified integrated consciousness, but it’s actually individual sensations popping up with whatever you’re particularly conscious of in one moment. Value’s just what relationships are built through sequence, through temporal distribution. Yet there is a timelessness to this event. And it’s interesting to think that somewhere out there, light years away, a lonely, dark, and slowly freezing planet may be bulleting through the galaxy. A good theory rules explanations in and out, and if it rules out the wrong explanation that will become clear over time as you pursue your theory guided research. The larger lesson is that the brain is a neural tangle of near infinite possibility, which means that it spends a lot of time and energy choosing what not to notice. It’s not a perfect measure, but it gives you an idea.

(h/t to Sciencepunk for that video, which should be watched full screen)

My Interview at the Best American Poetry Blog

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I was recently interviewed after receiving the Paul Violi Prize from The New School. A whole wheelbarrow of stuff came up and Steph Paterik did a great job of making me seem thoughtful and articulate, so I thank her for that.

Read it here.

Bowerbird #1 (& A Little Re-Introduction)

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Last summer I concocted a project in which I curated lines from blogs (and some other random sites) I was reading at the time and turned them into new pieces with strange vectors. Unfortunately, I hosted this project on my Tumblr which proved to be a terrible idea as that medium is really only fit for the quick and flashy (I bet F.T. Marinetti would have loved Tumblrs).

The inspiration behind these pieces—besides my inability to cease reading science blogs—was the Bowerbird (or at least a few species of them). If you don’t know anything about these birds, they are rather spectacular architects who construct—depending on the species—elaborate, well, bowers in order to lure females and mate with them. These aren’t nests at all. They’re literally just big, fancy pieces of bird art that the bird artist uses to demonstrate his awesomeness. I was in a very serious relationship at the time, so I didn’t need to construct my own bower to lure any females, but since that lovely lass dumped my ass, I figured why not give the original pieces a better gallery than the one they previously inhabited.

I’ve recently started work on new pieces, but since they can take a little while to put together, the lag will give me some time to rework the old ones and share them here. Readers should also beware that almost none of my friends bothered to read any of these when I first posted them and only my ex read any of them and before giving up (she said they were perhaps far too dense and she’s no slouch), so I was offered very little in the way of constructive criticism.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them! You should. And comment. Or send hate mail! Anyway, here’s the first—and arguably worst—one:

Continue reading

2010/2011 EPL Final Table Prediction Roundup

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Following the lads over at Avoiding the Drop, here’s a rundown of my Premier League predictions compared with the final league table. I actually did fairly well, though I was much closer with my picks towards the top of the table. The lower half was a big scrap and Birmingham, WBA and West Ham were the only ones that I completely hashed. Apparently, I had a funny feeling about the lower reaches, as on 11 Aug I had posted this in my fantasy league forum: “i don’t know why i have Mackems so high, fuck them back down to the NPowership. the relegation race this year is gonna be one for the ages!” Turns out the relegation battle was far more compelling to the end than the title chase and Sunderland did, in fact, finish higher than Newcastle (because the Toon blew a 3-goal lead), which is rather upsetting. Anyway, now the “silly season” is upon us and I have no excuse for being unproductive on the weekends.

This was my predicted final table. Correct picks in green, way-off picks in red and close-enoughs (within 2 places) in black.

1. Man U (1)
2. Arsenal (4)
3. Chelsea (2)
4. Man City (3)
5. Spurs (5)
6. Liverpool (6)
7. Everton (7)
8. Villa (9)
9. Fulham (8)
10. Stoke (13)
11. Sunderland (10)
12. Birmingham (18)
13. Bolton (14)
14. West Ham (20)
15. Newcastle (12)
16. Blackburn (15)
17. West Brom (11)
18. Wigan (16)
19. Wolves (17)
20. Blackpool (19)

I’ll probably be heading to Woodwork in Prospect Hts, Brooklyn, for the Champions League Final on Saturday for my final fix of the season. Maybe I’ll wear my yellow Newcastle kit to attract extra scowls.

Coming Soon…

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I’ll be moving content from here! Nobody’s got a site covering literature, extreme/progressive music and soccer, so I thought I’d start one. All with a name completely unrelated to the subject matter for anyone to find me. Also, I’ll do my damndest to never talk about birds. Ever.

This is gonna be great.