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Beginning next Wednesday (July 27), Mark Gurarie (of TaoLinIsGoingDown…) and I will be hosting a monthly reading series at the new-ish West Café in Williamsburg. This grand inauguration will double as a release party for Supposedly the Universe—a new chapbook Mark & I edited—and feature a solid lineup of the recent New School MFAs whose work populates said chapbook. Don’t expect some stuffy, staid poetry reading from these mongrels. Do, however, prepare to think and drink while the next wave of literary geniuses breaches your cognitive levee. Free copies of Supposedly the Universe will be available.

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I Guess You Had to Be There

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At school there’s a great bathroom stall, a bathroom-graffiti hotspot for “undergraduates with wild imaginations”. A few weeks back someone drew a lovely bust of Karl Marx from what appears to be a Sharpie. Not long after a speech bubble appeared: There is a spectre haunting your butthole. This seems like a good reason to own a smartphone.

(I wrote this 3 weeks ago and forgot to hit “publish”, though it was probably not worth the time it took to write—ed.)

Winter Afternoon, With Guitars

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This afternoon I visited a few local guitar shops to do interviews for a freelance gig I have and saw some really spectacular stuff. One of the places happened to be my go-to for gear and repairs, Main Drag Music in Williamsburg. These guys do top-notch work and, contrary to any negative stereotypes or conceptions people may have of the ‘Burg and it’s inhabitants, I’ve always been treated well there. (In a previous post I admitted to being less-than-kind at work, but hey, employment in the service sector can be rough going. I do my best to be courteous and helpful to my customers. But I digress…) Continue reading