TV Personalities, Bourbon, & Brutalism

Television PersonalitiesMummy Your Not Watching Me (WHAAM! Records #3)
Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

———SIDE A———

howl through brutalist tower architecture & the realization that the record player was still on 45 from all the reggae singles
the jangle must have been so harsh at the time do you ever start start to wonder who comes up with these ideas
says an adventure playground what it is you want and the expectations pouring up stalagtite-like from the sidewalks
they’re fine with trees and nooks & context
fading out

bang bang slow stutter & ring
dip dip call in from disembodied man on accordion
the steps up this house, the cubist ziggurat
wants to be an actress
wants a heart-shaped swimming pool
& a set of ray guns
I’m infatuated with the stains weather-beaten into
béton brut my lucky number’s seven, too
an echoplex from whichever perspective
most of these proposals never left
the desks they were drawn upon

stacks stacks stacks eight stories high
this speed beatles imitation’s pretty tight
the woo woo police keyboard settles
for overcast in charcoal on paper
as substitute for the micro town
lining Tanguy’s horizons & shift keys
downward so the neighbors will hear
scroll downward steadily

folk tune smily face student union facade
is why we’re crying mommy
stopped watching this indulgent little project
repetitive themes of trying again & remembering
different bits each time, the first flight arched
yet boxes follow from there, imagining a liftoff & losing sight
as the local atmosphere ends

would you like to cross this elevated walkway
pilot this fleet of airborne cars
for a negligeable psychic fee
I have a staircase down a grassy knoll
the landing’s not complete
I feel like the side could end any minute
that’s what the sleeve indicates
it’s all gone goofy, subhumans on lsd
all phones set to autocorrect

I was all totally wrong about that earlier assertion
it was unfair of me to make such a wild guess
sometimes it feels gone on too long & a nice punch
brings it all into focus
this was exactly where the gold was supposed to be
the mist’s a filthy liar & light’s no better

———SIDE B———

I love Kubrick flics for the settings & the grim
in this bass tone, the simple way a cylinder, a triangle, & a rectangle
can make an exquisite home
many times the necessary change in timbre drops in
on precisely the wrong instrument
is that called Zappic?
I mean waves & waves of concrete, arcing
on the tops of y-shaped pillars, spines & ribs
to the elements, take it take it take it
because we mean it & we’ll shout it
from the bannister

takes a while to kick in everywhere
the Japanese have produced some notable Scotch
it’s not painting by numbers
it’s sneaking off behind the rafters
to get your hands up her shirt
who here watches drum improv
videos online as a recreation

new page, similar aesthetic, similar dainty intro
composed entirely of single dots
I could stare into for days
you’re well aware how uncanny my attention can be
when I have the slightest bit of interest
I sometimes wish this style of design had never died

a nostalgia for automated walkways
a nuclear bunker mentality, whatever extras
that entails to carry on dreaming & laughing
cynically, sarcastically all at once
the butt of the joke & the butt of the joke
pretending to pretend to not need anyone

can’t tell if these are getting faster or everything I’ve taken’s kicked in
I enjoy all these black & white photos of well-lit European
buildings & the cosmopolitan stragglers shaded into the foreground
of an otherwise beautiful ecoscape
even the religious could get on board with this
the way a poured, prefab castle can squat near a rebuilt medieval town

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