Mankind for the Music of Wine Fresno

I’ve Been Looking Busy for Years: A Memoir

Wine Fresno’s the king of this goddamn valley
thick tuft of parent hair
we on only uppers
and downers
Say it with arrogant sonofabitch
pouring off the end of your nose
All my memories have cottonmouth
*see p.8
You don’t need to comb, I’m doing that for you with my hands
you don’t need to cut your hair, soon enough I’ll have eaten it all
that’s about 13 years
worth of tea
Wine Fresno will get you high and let you know
Paul Provenza spelling bee champion
can’t a fella just dream of the idea of San Francisco?
Good ol’ Fidel Chavez
Soon I’ll have that patent for my spring-measuring machine
Pool of potential role models full of white collar workers
Hey hungry, got this ClifBar
The wrath of a bunch of epic
Wine Fresno sold naked pictures of your sister
on the internet
Good people, the kind you’d want to die
in an orgy with

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