Why I Get Nothing Done Ever #hr21OPQ

Books with active bookmarks in them to be found among the two piles next to the piece of furniture that I call a bed that’s really just a futon mattress on the floor but I have nice bedsheets, I swear:

The Information – James Gleick

Forklift, OH #23

Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me – Mark Leidner

Cursivism – Will Hubbard

Selected Poems – Robert Desnos, (Forché & Kulik, trns.)

Forklift, OH #21

Doubt: A History – Jennifer Michael Hecht

Now Playing:

*Question for the audience: Does the above video (which is undeniably fantastic) confirm or disconfirm every stereotype you’ve ever held about Belgian chamber rock?

Answers in the comments.

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