Bowerbird #22: Black Tie Gourmet Society

The novelist and the cosmologist are ultimately engaged in similar pursuits. Their offices are dinner tables, back patios, and basements. They branch out and do not stop branching out. In other words, they are not blind to their condition. So right away we need to treat this claim with lots and lots of skepticism. Some people are going to be very unhappy. The truth is that we don’t understand the relationship between belief and biology quite as well as we’d like to think. The music takes you to places no human eye has seen, where worlds collapse unto themselves and collide on other worlds. Maths in nature is truly a beautiful thing, but unfortunately some people seem intent on embellishing that beauty. If you are measuring something incorrectly, it doesn’t matter that you measure it very carefully. Again, this is a process that definitely takes time. It’s hard to get all those new cogs to mesh.

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