Bowerbird #19: Coyote Eyes Practice Wilderness

We learn what to want, to desire, until we are taught something better. I’ve taken a few drugs in my time. Be careful what you eat at work, because you don’t know exactly what’s in that batch of delicious brownies. There’s fucking, there’s fetishes, and there’s jail time – it’s a spectrum. However, when it comes to the brain, the science is still in its early days. And, so you exaggerate, and put it through that porn-lens. If your calculations are correct, you should find the outcome satisfying. What it is, is pure joy. Since this galaxy was right under our noses by cosmic standards, it makes us wonder how many of these black hole pairs we’ve been missing. We see a humbling yet beautiful view of ourselves. We’re not really sure how often something like this happens, or how it affects the galactic environment. But, of course, that would be another generation’s problem. Experiments have shown that the lag between things happening and us experiencing them is about 80 milliseconds. And so we wait, expectantly, for the resolution of E major, for Beethoven’s established pattern to be completed.

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