Under the Influence of Ravel

Tonight I wrote this under the influence of Ravel. You’ll find it by accident later when you engage the “previous” link. Don’t worry about what I mean, you already did it. Unless you came straight here. I tried to read under the influence of Ravel’s “Sonate Posthume”. The internet went out*, where this normally happens, so this is just a text editor. I’ll paste it in the correct box when I’m done. So, yeah, I finished, obviously. I’m only eleven minutes in. It’s about fourteen minutes or so in total, depending, I guess, on who is performing. In this case it’s Leonidas Kavakos and Peter Nagy. That’s pronounced nuj, if you were wondering. I’ll assume the other guy’s Greek, I can’t look it up, the internet’s down and when it’s back up I’m going to post this, which means I’ll be done and can’t have looked it up. I could use my phone but it’s all the way over there and I’m still under the influence of Ravel.


*The internet is still out at my place & that’s a different version of the mentioned piece.

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