Bowerbird #18: Wind Water Doubt History

The computer you are using to read this article is already involved in a global war. And having a restless planet is a consequence of having a habitable one. This shift in thinking is really quite liberating. It’s not a new or novel concept, the idea of multiple identities for multiple occasions, but it’s also not something you talk about often. Remember when the internet was referred to as the information superhighway? Money, youth, and formerly robust good health were no protection. We’ve just found more efficient ways today of fouling our own nests. Rather like how sound is useful for communication, but stand next to a pneumatic drill for an hour, and you’ll go deaf. Seeing, by contrast, happens when something causes you to look again, and to regard a thing as though for the first time. If you’re talking about a structure that owes its properties to 1,000 or more of these structures, interacting in complicated ways, that’s asking more than we can do now. What seems right about the absurd is both its representation of the crushing pain of existence but also the silliness of the case. You can’t make such maps if you still believe in the heroic, autonomous individual.

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