Bowerbird #16: Bright Object Hurdling Economy

We can now begin to understand where these feelings come from, why a mass of vibrating air hurtling through space can trigger such intense states of excitement. It can be quite a morass, so I’ll try to stick to the easy bits. These often camp and over the top depictions of evil inject a thrill and sense of drama into a narrative that could potentially become boring and predictable. But there’s a limit to how useful nonlocality can be. If words exist because they correspond to existing things, then things might exist because there are words to name them. We humans are convinced that we see the world as it really is, but that’s complete rubbish. One can and often does occupy multiple and simultaneous points in time. Jesus drives a school bus and coaches a kids’ soccer team. You might notice richer implications on the basis of what’s not being said. The economic obstacles are only apparent. Well, no one really buys anything. This is criminality pure and simple. And yet there is a great deal to be gained from doing nothing.

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