Bowerbird #15: Autodidact Aerialist Aquarium

Witches were thought to anoint a chair or broomstick with the devil’s ointment, and after self‐application, would fly through the air to meet for devil worship at the sabbat. But it’s quite the opposite—we’re confirming that nature is much more subtle than what the obvious thing would be. Now, there are loopholes — there are always loopholes. This theory illustrates deficits in everything except some other things. Similar patterns occur in the wind flow downstream of airplane wings. How cool would it be to look down to see a falling star? They’re just a bit of glitzy filth, the mildew of globalization. Seems like a perfect situation for a heavy drug addict, right? Sometimes they are angry but it comes out as laughter. But because the brain primarily consists of connections, you have to think about whether you disrupted some kind of communication or cut faulty connections, not just a region. This is more preaching than could possibly be salubrious. Probably not recommended if you’re uncomfortable with the sight of recently dead people moving. The taste just kind of lingers in your teeth. So let’s just say the physics community remains skeptical about the real-world potential for true antigravity devices.


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