Bowerbird #13: Guitarkestra Iceburn Pareidolia

The hyperauthors to come will make your ho-hum folderol part of their shimmering wax-museum canons, where information is written down, filed away, and then brought back when it’s needed (or lost in some dusty shelf). When every answer and its opposite appears equally obvious then their purpose, in these cases, may be to subdue and tranquilize rather than to treat any genuine psychosis. If we can learn to interpret these brain oscillations, it may be possible to successfully produce not a peer-reviewed paper in Science but rather a new race of subhuman killers, a sucking wormhole in space-time, or a profusion of malevolent goo. In this sense, those bridges to nowhere are a sort of benevolent inefficiency, most of the surviving examples generally consist of a pencil-thick primary cord, from which hang multiple “pendant” cords. Maybe this is a way to confirm that being human and necessarily isolated in your own body and mind is ok. If zoophiles can ejaculate into their wives only by imagining that their spouse’s vagina is actually a horse’s vulva, a man’s anus must certainly be within mind’s reach of the average married homosexual. So while his body is still technically alive, he will never wake up again. That’s ok though, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Obviously there are plenty of things we don’t understand. “Anybody who isn’t confused doesn’t know what’s going on,” he said. My urine has been tested for many things.

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