Bowerbird #12: Curious Pain Composer Voice

Here we all sit gazing at our screens, our little brains and hands pawing at the pixels and keys. In a sense, the air is acting like a periscope, allowing you see around a corner. It seems to want to keep going. It’s a tenuous and chaotic process, but it’s the first time anyone has observed moon making in action. We see ourselves seeing the world.

At first we thought the spatial analysis must be wrong. Nothing in life is that simple and powerful and easy. We no longer know how to work and fight together as we once did. We create people we love, and then we torture them.

Ironically, the human ingenuity that drives us to understand more about ourselves is revealing that we’re much less “human” than we once thought. Acceptance is a big problem for this kind of system. Thus the picture was an incomplete and primitive one. It was interfering with itself. Something else must be happening in this bizarre creature and for now, it’s a mystery that goes unsolved. This is a really just a first draft, and it will certainly be refined in the future.

Perhaps now is the time to admit the possible has failed. That doesn’t seem quite fair. No matter what our species does, it will eventually change or die. This is the sort of deeper understanding that future triumphs will be built from. Sometimes, later, we find things we’ve hidden from ourselves. You don’t have to dig very far before it all comes back to your loins.

There is no cure for this ideological irrationality – it’s simply the way we’re built. The underlying emotions and desires aren’t half as lofty as the ideal itself. Give us fine music, but rough music too.

You could also lend your eyes at night, since you do not need them to dream. No letter is used for equal messaging to all viewers without language barrier. It’s just a good excuse to dance on the streets. What lies there is completely unknown. We just make the experimental observation that the two worlds seem to interfere. Imagine we could visit this world. All we have to do is survive another century or two without self-destructing as a species. Someday we’ll head back to this spot.

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