Bowerbird #9: Transparent Seas Nine Years Later

There is something else odd about this picture. Just when you think you’re getting a handle on it, you realize that you haven’t even scratched the surface. To think things are so simple is tempting, but probably erroneous. It’s a sad state of affairs but probably not an unpredictable one. This all suggests that the capacity of mental time travel is firmly grounded in physical representations of space, and that the relationship between the two is reciprocal and bi-directional. Yeah, you might want to sit for a moment and soak that in. Throw it all in the sea, and the sea’ll keep on rolling along toward shore and crashing and booming back into itself again.

Whatever exists in the infinitely small always has repercussions in the infinitely big. They can therefore be practically indistinguishable, and can oscillate back and forth between each other. At first glance, this experimental observation seems incongruous. Our minds are constantly lit up with activity as we process the barrages of stimuli coming through our senses. When you step outside, outdoors, into the wide open upness (if urbanly not side-to-side), your crazy expands immediately to fill the immense space and almost none of it is left in your head. There is something deliberate about this practice of control by the conscious.

Where did the signal come from? It can come in from space, travel though the Earth’s atmosphere, and then actually escape back into interplanetary space. It cannot be reasoned with. The particles that constitute it do not have built-in properties such as spatial position. As the core changes, that information does leak to the surface, but it takes centuries. In the process, the physical forces that govern it should become apparent.

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