Bowerbird #7: Slowworm Gender At the Stake

The way we see things depends on our frame of mind. Astonishing photos and stats make the case. Letters can evoke colours, for example, and movements can evoke sounds. That correlated action could have benefits beyond clever quantum trickery. Of course that’s a great simplification and probably the wrong way to characterize it. This is not proof, but it is consistent. We are, first of all, not solitary creatures and second of all, we are deeply embedded in the lives of others. Humans seem to almost forget about the outcome and copy everything we see. Most, however, anticipate that any discomfort will be worthwhile.

After all that, the question remains: why is this a big deal? These choices involve trade-offs and decisions about the good life that people should make for themselves. And, as everyone knows, strong emotions can make us nearly blind to certain facts. They all have real-life counterparts. Where they lead us astray is when we face situations that lack clear black and white distinctions or when the complexity of modern society renders the intuitions faulty. It’s only when you’ve got something that fools the system that you can see what assumptions you’re making. That something else, once the pose is stripped away, starts to sound a lot like anxiety. We’ve learned from experience that the truth will come out.

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