Bowerbird #6: Tyson/Sagan Unearthly Trance

There is an excitement in the air and a sense that we are beginning to understand how the brain works at the circuit level. But along the way, you have to take into account that there is stuff in between us and the farthest edges of the universe — in particular, there’s all sorts of dust here in our home galaxy. Although the putative particles should be passing like ghosts through each and every one of us all the time, a series of increasingly sensitive experiments over the last two decades has failed to reliably detect them. It’s hard to see other possibilities, other forms life can have, what other options, avenues, and paths, life could take elsewhere. Equally, it seems very clear that without robust geophysical activity a planet like the Earth would be a much less habitable place. Here we really know what we are talking about, because we have experienced the trembling and the awakening.

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