Bowerbird #5: Tad Loaded Yellow Shark


There can be no free use of time until we possess the modern tools for the construction of everyday life. The exploration of public space has often been overlooked as too obvious. This might be because many of the themes presented here are so basic and seemingly obvious that they don’t seem like anything to write home about upon first listen. After all, how bad could it be, even being blind, to walk slowly down an empty corridor? There is, of course, no contradiction whatsoever. Rather, the various portions of the spectrum blend into one another and waves in between radio waves and microwaves interact with matter in a manner in between radio waves and microwaves. This was all the scientific evidence we needed. We all like to imagine that it’s based on a set of logical facts, but it’s often a much more circuitous route. How do you determine whether an animal is thinking through its actions, or simply learning through association a series of behaviors and combining them?

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