Bowerbird #2: David Attenborough Clipping Roses Mikrokosmos

I am going to give you a new melodic conception
on a tune you are familiar with. If we overlook
such exceptional movements as earthquakes,
hurricanes, storms, avalanches and waterfalls,

nature is silent. This is very exciting,
because mankind has always thought about being
invisible or having invisibility cloaks. Also, I think knowing
the weight proportionality of body parts

would be important if you needed to dismember
and dispose of a corpse. Everyone wants to be nice
to the animals. Most people are not willing

to pay $300 for a salamander. We know
it’s a hard idea to get used to, but
there’s no lush gift shop waiting for you at the end

of this museum. The significance of those prints
for human evolution has been debated
ever since. But at least in principle, a perfect forgery
could be a new and important work of art.

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