An Interesting Thing I Noticed on a Jet to Nirvana

Was just reading a couple-month-old post by Matt Hart over at Coldfront in their Poets Off Poetry series. He starts off discussing an old Jawbreaker song (one I didn’t know because I only have For Your Own Special Sweetheart, which happens to be incredible) and then in a sort-of aside, makes mention of later Blake Schwarzenbach outfit, Jets to Brazil (who I had heard of but never listened to). Here’s the song, “I Typed for Miles”:

Notice anything familiar about that opening phrase?

I assume “I Typed for Miles” was done as a deliberate homage to “Heart-shaped Box” because it’s an uncanny similarity. The two songs diverge pretty drastically after the intro riff, but whatever, that’s not really what’s important.

Okay, go back to whatever you were doing before.

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