Your Taste In Music Is Terrible

Over at the ol’ HTMLGiant, dude posted a list of albums he downloaded and wrote one-line (mostly) responses. It was posted last night about the time I was enjoying the first of two Tullamore Dews on the rocks. Is one supposed to enjoy that beverage in such a manner? I don’t know about “supposed to”, but it sure was tasty. Right now I should be doing something productive, but it’s unclear what that could possibly be (laundry? finding a good job?). I’m catching up on my blog reading, operating on 3 hours of whisky-infused sex sleep and thought I’d take a nap. Instead, I’m thinking about dude’s silly post about music and how limited his range appears. It’s a lot of names I recognize and could not care less about because most of it’s for wussy pansies. Can I say “pansies” without offending anyone? No? Oh well.

Assertive, forceful, insistent, vigorous, energetic, dynamic, bold, enterprising: all listed synonyms for “aggressive” in this little thesaurus on my floor. “This music is so aggressive.” “It’s so loud and angry-sounding.” “You can’t dance to this, the rhythms are all weird.” Hey, I like other stuff, too, but I was weaned on distorted guitars. A rock band is a technologically-advanced chamber group (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.) and I love Bartók‘s string quartets.

My current favorite piece of art

I was drinking at this sorta new place called The Anchored Inn. Don’t go there, I like the place & its vibe & its music & don’t want you to ruin it for me. Fortunately it’s not near anything that attracts urban poverty tourists, so I should have a few months to really absorb all it’s positive qualities before it suffers the fate of everything interesting in North Brooklyn.

I’m being a weenis, I know. Hating on stuff is so whatever, but I like things dickhead free (unless it’s an orifice my own dick would like to exist inside, even if for a short while).

My point is that—with almost zero exceptions that I can currently think of—the most open-minded, thoughtful people with wide-spanning taste that I know are all metalheads. This isn’t to say that all metalheads are like this (a square is only one kind of rectangle), but that people who really, really, really love and know and appreciate music all feature decent chunks of metal in their listening diet.

The why of this eludes me though it’s guaranteed to be multifaceted and polypronged. And it would require me to do some deep thinking for which I am woefully unprepared at the moment. I am also boasting because my taste is superior and I am a better, more well-rounded person because of it. Many people I know and love have a very narrow range of tastes based in criteria I’m not even sure they understand consciously. I shouldn’t deride them, but I’m open about my snobbery.

Hold on while I eat an apple. It’s organic. Bite me. (says the apple)

Some people know movies/films and some folks know a lot about horses. I don’t really know shit about either of those things, thus, I don’t proffer my thoughts on them because they would be glib, uninformed and vapid. It’s probably safe to say that most people who present their opinions on things don’t realize how deeply uninformed they are, hence all the yapping.

This apple’s pretty slammin, even for a red delicious (it came in a box, I didn’t get to choose), but I do likes me some fruit after I been drinking.

Point #2, expand your aural palette. Stop paying attention to what tastemaker website says to check out. Go back in time; for every new album you pick up, find something from fifty years ago. This post is lazy, I’m fully aware. I shouldn’t be annoyed by some dude’s hacky post about a bunch of albums he admittedly has barely spent any time with. Point #3, spend more time with each album.

Okay, I’m kinda bored of writing this post now. But seriously, pay attention to me, I have important things to say.


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