Six Random Songs: Installment 1

Wherein I put iTunes on random and write while the song plays. Also I don’t edit anything afterwards. Others have done it first and better. I don’t much care.

Frank Zappa – “Dancin’ Fool”

This is a great one to start off with. I have an old college friend whose taste in pretty much everything is “questionable” at best. He loves dancing in particular, but has no discernable rhythm when he moves. I find that’s true of most people who claim to enjoy dancing in public settings. A little over a month ago I was dumped by a professional dancer. I was always amazed at her performances that often some of her cohorts had questionable rhythm as well. She was basically the metronome of the group

STATS – “Sadcap”

Math chunkles with a lot of groove here. I’m under the weather. This past weekend I was out in the woods drinking a steady flow of beer, staying up until dawn and breathing an unholy amount of grill/campfire smoke. That will catch up to you, especially when it rains almost the entire time. What the hell is the origin of “under the weather”? It’s drizzling right now in Brooklyn. STATS is from Brooklyn and are good friends of mine. My own band has been “borrowing” their bassist, as many are wont to do. They don’t sound at all like being in the woods, though they could sound like what future generations who’ve never experienced non-human nature will imagine “the woods” to sound like. That was a convoluted sentence to put down. There are cycles here and phrases almost repeat but they do so with little addenda or tweaks. That’s pretty “natural” in a way. As an undergrad I took a course called “Feminist Political Ecology” and ever since it’s been hard to use the term “nature” without needing to qualify it a thousand different ways

Orchid – “Let’s Commodify Sexuality”

Fast rubbing and scraping and pelvic thrusts. I just thought about the Panama Canal Zone and can’t figure out why. There’s a bit of drum playing tacked on the end of this song that’s kinda neat

The Holy Mountain – “Wratch”

I saw these guys play a loft show a few years ago and it was super fun so I bought a tshirt and now when I wear said shirt people always ask if it’s from the movie. I’ve never seen the movie, though. It was in my Netflix instant queue but Microsoft Silverlight kept crashing my browser or something and I got fed up and cancelled my account. You can watch nearly anything on youtube anyway, so why pay for a pain in the ass? I don’t really watch movies at all. That’s caused a number of rifts in relationships and for a second I care about that but mostly I don’t. Movies don’t do much for me. I space out and think about everything else I could be doing instead of watching the movie. Sometimes they’re good to put on as writing prompts like this, but I engage with music much more, so it’s not some utilitarian thing. Utilitarian art is a curious phenomenon I’m unsure how to approach. I write poetry and songs, neither of which are useful things at all. At some point in college I made up my mind to never be of use to the capitalist system, which was fine from the perspective of a rebellious college kid, but entirely stupid from the perspective of someone who is going to collect a good deal of future debt. I’m not a very smart person, apparently. This song is longer than I remember it being. Most d-beat songs are really short. Oh, there’s the end anyway, guitar fade out.

Black Elk – “Who Knew?”

Right now the air smells really clean and cool. I like it a lot. Maybe this is why people like the Pacific Northwest? I don’t know, I’ve yet to ever go there. Black Elk are from Oregon and now I’m reminded I never got their second album so I should do that. I’m torn as to how I feel about that part of the country and really the West Coast in general. I’m a New Englander and still seem to retain a lot of New England provincialisms. Not that I would know otherwise, but people like to point that shit out to you as if they’re not bizarre specimens themselves. My accent was bulldozed out of me in college though it occasionally emerges, notably when alcohol is being consumed. Tomorrow night the Bruins play for the Stanley Cup. It’s game seven. I’ll be watching with Kevin Shea, another poet friend of mine who’s also from Massachusetts. We’re amused by the fact that we’re “lit types” that happen to like sports. I get the impression that a lot of my newer writer friends find me to be a sort of curiosity given my interests and that’s cool with me. The air should stay like this all night, I’d be able to sleep well and I need the rest. I really need to get better at regular blogging I think. There’s my honest appraisal in this post. Most people seem much more driven

Unwound – “Next Exit”

Whatever this intro is sounds a little like tinkling water. Another PacNW band that seemed to be way different from all their contemporaries though they must have fit in some way. Unwound may be the heaviest band to not employ directly (or overtly) heavy elements in their songs. It’s wonderful, really. Just a bunch of guitar fuzz, a little bass tcruzh (that’s a new word now) and slightly skittish drumming that can punch up when necessary. Which brings me to a question: why are there no female metal drummers or even really heavy or technical female drummers? There are a lot of great ones and Sara Lund here is proof (Janet Weiss also comes to mind)

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