Manuel DeLanda Lecture on Deleuze

Today Ken Baumann and Christopher Higgs posted a pretty thorough primer on Gilles Deleuze over at HTMLGiant. They discuss his work a bit and also provide resources for further exploration. A few years ago I tried to read A Thousand Plateaus, but being unfamiliar with non-linear writing at the time, didn’t really know what to do with the text. Less long ago I read Manuel DeLanda’s mind-smashing A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History and experienced a sort of epiphanic autodidact moment in which I came to the conclusion, “oh…OH!”

DeLanda knows his Deleuze and is able to explicate Deleuze-ian concepts with ease and lucidity. I’ve yet to have a second go at any Deleuze, but I plan on it, especially after watching this DeLanda lecture that Higgs posted in its entirety. The first part is posted below to give a little taste. I just listened and used it as a writing prompt, which yielded some interesting results. That’s always a fun project, but do with it as you see fit, it’s really fascinating and inspiring.


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