2010/2011 EPL Final Table Prediction Roundup

Following the lads over at Avoiding the Drop, here’s a rundown of my Premier League predictions compared with the final league table. I actually did fairly well, though I was much closer with my picks towards the top of the table. The lower half was a big scrap and Birmingham, WBA and West Ham were the only ones that I completely hashed. Apparently, I had a funny feeling about the lower reaches, as on 11 Aug I had posted this in my fantasy league forum: “i don’t know why i have Mackems so high, fuck them back down to the NPowership. the relegation race this year is gonna be one for the ages!” Turns out the relegation battle was far more compelling to the end than the title chase and Sunderland did, in fact, finish higher than Newcastle (because the Toon blew a 3-goal lead), which is rather upsetting. Anyway, now the “silly season” is upon us and I have no excuse for being unproductive on the weekends.

This was my predicted final table. Correct picks in green, way-off picks in red and close-enoughs (within 2 places) in black.

1. Man U (1)
2. Arsenal (4)
3. Chelsea (2)
4. Man City (3)
5. Spurs (5)
6. Liverpool (6)
7. Everton (7)
8. Villa (9)
9. Fulham (8)
10. Stoke (13)
11. Sunderland (10)
12. Birmingham (18)
13. Bolton (14)
14. West Ham (20)
15. Newcastle (12)
16. Blackburn (15)
17. West Brom (11)
18. Wigan (16)
19. Wolves (17)
20. Blackpool (19)

I’ll probably be heading to Woodwork in Prospect Hts, Brooklyn, for the Champions League Final on Saturday for my final fix of the season. Maybe I’ll wear my yellow Newcastle kit to attract extra scowls.

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