I Collect Crazy Religious Leaflets, pt.3: You Have One More Day Until the Looting

I’m not sure in which time zone Saturday’s rapture/apocalypse/armageddon begins, but I doubt it will be Eastern Daylight Time. Most of my friends will be here, in NYC, lootin’ & hollerin’, while I’m hanging out with my family in Massachusetts. I feel a little bad about this, because there are probably going to be lots of lunatics around the city and I won’t see any of it. There will probably be other crazy religious people out talking up their particular armageddon. As I write this a tone-deaf girl is singing a song out on my block. No sign of any horse, but I’m also not looking out the window. If she’s unfortunately-faced and gets sexed sans condom in the next 30-odd hours, could that be one of the signs sent from the vengeful god?

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