By Way of Introduction…

As I begin to move my constantly divided attention from my tumblr to this site, I’m just gonna post a couple links to set the tone here. Or at least a tone here. Maybe it’s a dial tone. Perhaps it’s 1000hz. Could be a dog whistle.

Anyhow… first things first, head over to SHAMPOO and read a couple poems of mine in issue #38! It’s the 10th Anniversary issue, which is awesome in itself, and extra-full of amazing poetry. I’m ecstatic to be a part of it! (At the moment #38 is just in “preview mode”, but everything seems to be available so check it out.)

Second things now… my friend Hank Shteamer—writer, drummer, genius?—recently put together an awesome primer/mixtape of math-rock amaze-itude. He did a great job putting it together and it’s worth checking out regardless of whether you’re knee deep in the hoopla or a relative newcomer. I posted a few thoughts in the comments (well, it looks that way though it’s really a pasted email to him so it reads a little weird) and I’ll be posting some follow-up thoughts here with more detail and coherence.

It’s almost 2011, let’s have a drink, say?

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