2 More Somewhere Else

Argos Books—a new NYC indie press—has begun work on a series of “Little Anthologies”, the first of which will be comprised entirely of current NYC-based MFA poetry students (The New School, NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Queens College). The release date is listed as May 1, 2011 and you can pre-order a copy if you’re already tingling in anticipation. I’ll have two poems in there alongside pieces from fellow New School sharkbait Amanda Smeltz, Keara Driscoll, Dave McNamara and Seth Graves (among numerous other surely spectacular wordsmiths).

Thanks to Argos for organizing such a fantastic and necessary project that should be full of incredible poems (I can vouch for 4.5 of these people). I’m excited about seeing work from the other city programs because, despite our close geographical proximity, interaction between the schools could definitely use a boost.

Argos is organizing readings in support of this anthology and hopefully I’ll be able to read at one in the next couple months. I’ll definitely post updates on any happenings…

One Response to “2 More Somewhere Else”

  1. If planned ahead of time enough, I might be able to visit for one such reading! Which would be super! Miss you kiddo, and I look forward to reading more from you!

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